Annapurna Kitchen – Cooking Classes

CHINMAYA MISSION is proud to present “Annapurna Kitchen”, cooking classes for all age groups, at its Ashram, Chinmaya Hanuman, in London, ON.

Food and cuisine are a distinct and important part of every culture.  Indian cuisine from different regions of India offers mouth watering diversity that is worth preserving and passing on. Passing on, this part of our culture to the next generation, and developing a passion for this art among them, in an age when many fear the art of cooking is being lost slowly.

The plan is to conduct monthly classes at the new Chinmaya Hanuman Ashram, located at 2156 Highbury Avenue North, London.

Due to limited spaces and high demand for the “Masala Dosa” classes on Jan 20th, two sessions are being organized.  Limit for each session is 20 people. These sessions are open to any interested – youth and adults. Registration is required as spots will be filled up on first-come first-serve basis.

Register Now online to reserve your spot.

Contact Us in case of any questions or additional information that may be required at any time.