Camps & Retreats

Chinmaya Mission London offers numerous camps, retreats and YATRAS for its students and families all through the year, in North Ammerica. These camps offer an immersion in studying, reflecting and living our Vedic Heritage. A few of the camps that our students and families attend are –

  • Family Camp @ Grand  Bend, ON – In the London area, Chinmaya Mission conducts a family camp in February each year at The Oakwood Resort, South Huron, Ontario, by Lake Huron. We get so caught up in the hectic whirlwind of our lives that we sometimes forget what family is all about. The purpose of this retreat is to spend QUALITY time learning and growing with your immediate family and of course your Chinmaya Mission family. It is a weekend of family, friends, family games, swimming, activities for all  and of course satsang with Acharya Vivekji and other Acahryas of Chinmaya Mission. Discourse topics are relevant to day to day life applications in family, marriage and self-development i.e. Demystifying MarriageSpiritual Parenting, Independence in Relationships etc. Families from London, join families from all over South Western Ontario, Ohio and New York at this retreat.


  • Summer Camp for children @ Chinmaya Mission Niagara Falls – Every year our children and teenagers join other students from Ontario at this summer camp – where the camps are designed so that they study our scriptures in a way it is relevant and logical and through games/activities. They also get to serve in the local community in a Seva activity for e.g. a neighbourhood cleanup project or a fundraiser for a local cause or overseas cause.


  • The MAHASAMADHI family camp is the biggest annual camp in North America attended by over 1000 students and families. It is conducted at a different city each year in North America, from July 29th to August 3rd. This family camp has been running since 1994. In 2014 the camp was held in Trinidad & Tobago, in the Caribbean. This is an summer retreat for families where each member can discover oneself and one’s rich spiritual heritage, in a relaxing, spiritually enriching experience with engaging programs for all ages.  The presence of Swami jis and Acharya ji and their guidance help foster an environment conducive to experiencing other families and  Chinmaya family members.


  • CIY – Chinmaya Inspiration Yatra – is an outward expression of an inward journey……….. Every year in December/January, 40 young adults (age 17 to 30) born and raised in North America participate in this journey that takes them to four Ashrams in Bharat (India), living with only what they need, studying Vedanta, serving the needy in secluded villages, reflecting on their learnings in silence for 24 hours at Adi Shankaracharya’s birthplace, travelling by public transport and trains etc, an experience of a lifetime. The Yatra is led by Acharya Vivek Gupta. These Yatras have helped numerous students realize their real purpose in life, transform themselves to be more effective in their respective spheres of Karma. This year – 2015 – families (including children), in all about 70 students will accompany Acharya Vivek to Bharat on this Yatra. Two families from London are part of this Yatra.


  • YEP – Youth Empowerment ProgramChinmaya Bala Vihar students who on completion of High School continue the pursuit of self development through the study of Vedanta at Chinmaya Mission, do so through the CHYK (Chinmaya Yuva Kendra) programYEP is an unique value based leadership program for dynamic youth by CHYK, the global youth wing of Chinmaya Mission. YEP was designed and conducted in 2003, especially for young adults, to learn the principles of Vedanta, serve the community, and grow as dynamic, positive contributors to society. Graduates of YEP are known as Yuvaveers. Since 2003, more than 350 Yuvaveers have graduated the program, which is conducted every year, in Bharat and North America. 

    This year YEP will be conducted in Chinmaya Mangalam, Barry, Texas, from June 6-July 29th, 2015 under the guidance of His Holiness Swami Tejomayananda (Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide). The program will be led by Swami Sarveshananda (Resident Acharya of CM Dallas-Fort Worth and National Director of CHYK West), Swami Ramakrishnananda (Acharya of Chinmaya International Foundation), and other Acharyas from Chinmaya Mission West. Visiting faculty will also be drawn from management industries.


Chinmaya Mission has several more camps, retreats and yatras throughout the year. If you would like to be kept informed of these and more, CONTACT US to be included in our mailing list.