Chinmaya Hanuman – London’s Ashram

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Chinmaya Mission World Wide

The word Chinmaya means true knowledge. Chinmaya Mission is an organization where seekers of Truth come together to acquire and impart the ancient teachings of the Vedanta. Chinmaya Mission was formally founded in 1953 by Swami Chinmaynanda’s devotees to give organizational structure and cohesiveness to the work and activities inspired by him. This formed the nucleus of a movement of spiritual renaissance that now encompasses a wide range of spiritual, educational and charitable activities, enriching the lives of millions across the globe. In North America alone Chinmaya Mission has over 50 intensively trained Acharyas. In North America alone Chinmaya Mission has over 50 well co-ordinated centres. In North America alone Chinmaya Mission has over 16,000 specifically guided Bala Vihar students. What is unique about Chinmaya Mission is professionalism, credibility and knowledge. A knowledge adhering not to a sadhu(saint) rather to the shastra(scriptures). These quantitative successes speak for the quality of our efforts and the fact that 100’s of temples, organizations, associations, etc. across North America invite our Acharyas to guide their adult/young adult congregation and Coordinators to guide their youth/children congregation



To provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become a positive contributor to the society.


Inner transformation of individuals resulting in a happy world around them.


To give maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time.


Chinmaya Mission London

Chinmaya Mission London, in six short years, since 2011 has established a proven track record of providing the community in London a world-class platform for the study and practice of Sanatana Dharma (our unchanging responsibility to be joyous) through classes, Youth Camps, Family Camps, Jnana Yagnas, Yatras, International Youth Internships, Seva (Service) Projects. By focusing on knowledge and its application, investing in our children, and inspiring our community, Chinmaya Mission London is committed to creating a better tomorrow.

Much more needs to be done as we reach out to empower more children and adults via self-development in London. To facilitate and strengthen this outreach, Chinmaya Mission London was incorporated in 2017 and is now dedicating the first Hindu Ashram(a hermitage) in London to the community here. The Ashram – Chinmaya Hanuman, like in 400 centres worldwide, will serve as the seat of learning for Hindu scriptures, Self-Development, Seva, Culture, and traditional art forms in London.

Currently over 120 students study at Chinmaya Mission every weekend and through classes through the week.

Set in a 5 acre property in North London, in a natural setting with a stream running through the property, it has all the attributes of an Ashram. Over the years this Ashram will serve as a seat of learning, service and generating next generation leadership in the community.

Chinmaya Mission London has at an average 100 students, with occasional peaks to over 120, who meet every Sunday at the Jack Chambers Public School, in North London :

  • To study the Srimad Bhagavad Gita – for Adults
  • To attend Balavihar Classes – for children J-K to Grade 12.
  • For celebration of Hindu Festivals through the year.

We have five full fledged Balavihar classes for  JK-Grade 12 children, where children learn from a structured and age appropriate curriculum, taught by trained teachers. Over 16,000 students all over North America study the same curriculum every weekend.

Chinmaya Mission London also currently conducts & facilitates

  • Monthly Devi Satsanga – a study group for women taught by our Acharyas.
  • Weekly study of other Hindu Texts by our Acharyas via video conference.
  • Jnana Yagnas – Knowledge Series every six months by our Acharyas.
  • Annual 2 day spiritual retreat at Grand Bend led by our Acharyas.
  • Devi Retreat – Annual Self-Development Retreat for Devis (Women).
  • Seva projects in rural India & Trinidad, empowering communities.
  • Internship for Canadian Youth, to serve in rural India on Seva projects.
  • Self-Development workshops at London Police Department, Western University, London Hospitals, Hindu Cultural Centre etc, by our Acharyas.
  • Being part of Yatras to India & Trinidad – opportunities for families to immerse themselves in Ashrams and serve and experience rural villages there.
  • Workshops by Swamis & Acharyas from other American centres and India.