Divya Shakti Retreat


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Chinmaya Mission London is  hosting a one day spiritual retreat for Devis (Women) for the very first time in a serene and scenic location ont he outskirts of London, ON, on the theme of  Being the Bigger Person. 

This will be led by Acharya Vivekji. Devis today are faced with numerous challenges as the demands are much higher than ever before. This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to connect with Devis from other centres, share and learn ways to resolve challenges, get recharged, rejuvenated and energized. For Early Bird Registration, please CLICK HERE

Why should I  attend ?

A famous phrase from the 1865 poem by William Ross Wallace quotes, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

The concept of our mother as an incarnation of goddess or Devi is an unspoken part of Indian culture.

It is the women who are empowered to encourage grassroots innovation in the ways we think, feel and act to make the world a joyful and harmonious place.

With the rapidly changing technological advances along with the associated challenges we face today w

While fulfilling the multiple roles and responsibilities, many Devis face unprecedented stress levels not experienced by Devis of prior generations. Lost and muddled in this cycle, we tend to lose touch with our divinity, and fail to appreciate our own worth, the power to transform ourselves and the world around us, the virtues of nurturing, compassion, unconditional love, and bringing joy to our loved ones.

From the depths of the collective spirit, this retreat will open up paths for making courageous choices and fresh attitudes…to fulfill all our roles with peace & acceptance, with cheer & love, with awareness of the Shakti (Divine feminine energy) endowed upon the Devis and with reverence and gratitude towards this precious gift within us.

What can I expect ?

When was the last time…. you slept in, went on a long drive away from the din of the city, spent the day in a quiet and beautiful place, went for a long walk in a stunning forest with a stream, played like a child with arts and crafts, did not have to worry about cooking or cleaning, was fed delicious hot meal, met like minded folks who inspired you. Through all of this, Acharya Vivekji will share the wisdom of our scriptures and their practical applications in all aspects of your life. After a relaxing and rejuvenating day, you will return home “Being the Bigger Person”.

You can expect all of this and more….

Where is it ?

Coldstream Community Cente. Check out the beautiful site.

How much ?

Only $50 before April 1 or $75 after April 1. Register soon and do not miss out on the early bird rate. We are filling up quickly. This includes Lunch & Snacks

Great. Now how do I register ?

For Registration, please CLICK HERE
I need more clarification. What do I do ?
No problem. contact  amithamattu@gmail.com