International Youth Internship

Chinmaya International Youth Internship

Every year for the past few decades Chinmaya Mission offers the youth of the world to serve in and serve India, in its villages. These internships are life transforming for youth and this internship is now available to youth in London through Chinmaya Mission.

Hence this past summer two High School youths from Chinmaya Mission London – Aarushi Vasudev and Kusha Sareen served in the villages of the Himachal Pradesh, India, through an internship at CORD (Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development) Training Center, Sidhbari District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

They were contributing in the CBIR (Community Based Inclusion and Rehabilitation) Yuvati Samuh (Adolescent Girls) and Sanitation Programs from July 7th – August 3, 2017. During this period they were in the CORD center, creating and editing reports, making powerpoint presentations and entering data for various programs run by CORD. They also had the opportunity to visit the field, where they would go to villages in different Panchayats and work directly with the villagers.

Aarushi created a module for the Yuvati Samuh program which includes various activities, discussion questions and workshops that CORD team members can facilitate, in all the yuvati samuh groups.The module focuses on activities which will help build their self confidence, encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and inspire them to be leaders in their community. She also organized some painting classes for children between ages 6-14 and did some hand washing workshops with young children in the local Anganbardis (nurseries) in Panchayat Bagni. She discussed with the children the importance of regularly washing our hands and the correct method of doing so.

Kusha primarily spent his time working in the CBIR Program where he assisted with compiling, editing and translating reports, recording information, and working in Special Education. Kusha also had a variety of field experiences where he had the opportunity to help organize and facilitate awareness programs as well as make door-to-door visits. He worked personally with people with disabilities, offering aid with physiotherapy and providing insights in order to improve their quality of life. He also took the time out of his schedule to tutor a young village boy in mathematics.

Aarushi and Kusha are both very grateful for the opportunity and had a memorable trip. They would highly recommend other young adults to gain experience working in rural India and contribute to this amazing movement, volunteering at the CORD training center.