Chinmaya Mission London’s Bala Vihar Program has at an average 100 students, with occasional peaks over 120, who meet every Sunday at the Jack Chambers Public School, in North London :

  • To study the Srimad Bhagavad Gita – for Adults
  • To attend Balavihar Classes – for children J-K to Grade 12.
  • For celebration of Hindu Festivals through the year.

Chinmaya Mission London also currently conducts & facilitates

  • Monthly Devi Satsanga – a study group for women taught by our Acharyas.
  • Weekly study of other Hindu Texts by our Acharyas via video conference.
  • Jnana Yagnas – Knowledge Series every six months by our Acharyas.
  • Annual 2 day spiritual retreat at Grand Bend led by our Acharyas.
  • Devi Retreat – Annual Self-Development Retreat for Devis (Women).
  • Seva projects in rural India & Trinidad, empowering communities.
  • Internship for Canadian Youth, to serve in rural India on Seva projects.
  • Self-Development workshops at London Police Department, Western University, London Hospitals, Hindu Cultural Centre etc, by our Acharyas.
  • Being part of Yatras to India & Trinidad – opportunities for families to immerse themselves in Ashrams and serve and experience rural villages there.
  • Workshops by Swamis & Acharyas from other American centres and India.

For information on any of our programs click on the Program drop down menu and scroll to any specific programs of interest.