Ram Lila


Ram Lila is a dramatic enactment of the exploits of Lord Rama (an incarnation of God in human form) as he appeared on earth many thousands of years ago.This Lila (or play) illustrates the various occurrences that took place during His descent in Treta Yug (the period in time of Lord Rama’s descent) including the deliverance of His devotees,the redemption of sinners, His blessings to the saints and sages, His various lessons on humanity and of course His restoration of Dharma or the righteous way of life.  This event is held during the “Nav Ratri – nine nights of the Divine Mothers.” and ends on the tenth day of Dussera depicting the ending of a ten-day battle between Lord Rama, and the ten-headed Ravana.

This deeply religious festival, is celebrated in many parts of India and many countries around the world and is also very popular in Trinidad and Tobago. This 10-day serialised play recounts the journey of the divine king, Lord Rama and mother Sita, on earth; and begins with a ceremonial procession of the characters which includes deities, kings, princes, sages, soldiers, monkey troops, forest dwellers and the army of the evil ten-headed king, Ravana. It is the story of Lord Rama’s willing acceptance of 14 years exile in order to uphold His father’s word and eventual victory in war over the evil king Ravana. Texts from the Ramayan are read to music, while brightly-costumed dancers perform the narrative. Ramleela culminates with the burning the effigy of the defeated villain Ravana, a graphic reminder that good triumphs over evil.

The excitement is building as Lord Rama goes to war with the demon king Ravana in the unfolding drama of Ramlila on October 1, 2017 at the Chinmaya Hanuman Ashram.

Join in the celebrations as we draw inspiration from Lord Rama and Mother Sita, destroy our ignorance within and without by symbolically burning the effigy of 10-headed Ravana. There will be food and music and fireworks as well!

Questions? Email: chinmayalondon@gmail.com